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From an intimate party, a decadent wedding through to an immersive brand activity, Snapdragon can create a multi-sensory and a seamless experience. As part of our Prominent Women in Business series, we interviewed the firm’s Founder & Managing Director, Julia Dowling to find out more about her and what Snapdragon can do for you.

After a successful corporate career, Julia Dowling started Snapdragon because she believed that there was a need for event planners that could combine real creativity, project management and business skills. In this interview, the firm’s Founder & Managing Director, Julia Dowling reveals more about the firm and what they do, plus the type of clients they serve.

“Many of my clients are celebrities or senior business figures who, no matter how large their budgets, expect value for money. Therefore, all my team members combine a solid track record of event delivery with a good grounding in business and commercial skills. This philosophy is a real attraction to clients and most of Snapdragon’s new clients are by personal referrals.

“Even a relatively small wedding or party can take many weeks of work – far more time than most of our clients must spare. So, we aim to crystallise your ideas, define your vision and make planning your event fun. The result will be unique and spectacular.

“Most clients come to us through personal recommendation. We pride ourselves on total discretion and professional approach; we combine creativity, style and practicality with a genuinely personal service. With many decades of experience across the team, expect us to bring together the best suppliers in the business and manage the execution of an event, however large or complex, with calm efficiency.

“Snapdragon’s mission is to define a new standard of service in event management. Imagine having your own blisteringly efficient and friendly event guru, who is extremely responsive, leaves no detail to chance and manages a budget as if spending their own money. In the last 12 months alone we have delivered events in the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, China and South Africa.”

Snapdragon can be described as the event planners of choice for clients who want a genuinely bespoke event, delivered flawlessly almost anywhere. The firm delivers events worldwide, from their headquarters in London. Julia is eager to tell us about the firm’s reputation and the kind of service they strive to deliver.

“We are renowned for the creativity of our events as well as extreme attention to detail, even for very large and complex multi-day events. Snapdragon aspires to make all clients feel as if they are our only client. Clients select us because our event planning approach and commercial model are different to most of our competitors. With years of event planning experience as bespoke event and wedding designers, we create unique, luxury parties tailored perfectly to your personal style.

“Snapdragon prides itself on world class service, deep event planning experience and the stunning events we create. The firm’s team of experienced event planners and creative designers work alongside clients to create unique experiences. We are full service event and wedding designers, planning catering, stying, transport and entertainment, as well as the venue arrangements and all the details in between.

“Snapdragon are luxury wedding planners, serving clients with the highest expectations, all over the world. Our clients demand elegant, fun and stylish weddings that are flawlessly delivered, no matter how complex their requirements. We are the wedding planners of choice for the sophisticated and savvy couple who expect a first-class service. We design and deliver bespoke luxury weddings all over the UK, as well as internationally.

“The firm’s discerning international clients include international royalty, public figures and couples seeking bespoke, unique and original wedding celebrations. We tend to work on larger or higher budget weddings, usually involving events over multiple days and often requiring coordination of guest travel and concierge services.”

Snapdragon has its own in-house creative design team, who can help you envision something truly unique and memorable Julia tells us. She then tells her about the extraordinary high level of service they provide, without overstating this in any way.

“Snapdragon specialises in complex production and have delivered spectacular events in the most unusual locations, without ever compromising the levels of service you would expect from finest hotels in the world.

“We plan and deliver elegant, glamorous and stylish weddings. Many of our new clients come via referrals from past clients. We don’t shout about our work, but it is nevertheless regularly featured in high profile publications and leading blogs. We also feature in a TV documentary on Channel 4 in the UK.

“Snapdragon delivers such a personal level of service that clients often remark that we make them feel like they are our only client. We also guarantee absolute discretion. Snapdragon are proud of the weddings that we have created for previous clients, which is why the firm has created a beautiful portfolio demonstrating our capabilities, some of which you can see on the social media channels.”

Julia then moves the conversation towards the luxury and corporate events that Snapdragon are renowned for.

“With years of event planning experience as bespoke event and wedding designers, we create unique, luxury parties tailored perfectly to your personal style. Snapdragon prides itself on world class service, deep event planning experience and the stunning events we create. Our team of experienced event planners and creative designers work alongside clients to create unique experiences.

“From product launches and brand experiences to senior client engagement and sales events, Snapdragon are experts at planning bespoke corporate and brand events. Our committed and experienced team, most of whom have worked inside large blue chip organisations or with luxury brands, will ensure your corporate event delivers a measurable return on investment and enhances brand loyalty. The team have worked for an impressive and diverse client list. In each case, clients selected us for the combination of creativity, a reputation for flawless delivery and commercial experience. We are not your usual fluffies.

“Our clients are usually in demanding roles and want a creative event partner who can deliver real impact without causing them additional work. Planning an event experience to achieve a measurable return on investment and that builds brand loyalty requires deep and wide experience working with and for corporate clients. All of the firm’s directors have worked in marketing roles inside large blue chip organisations and intimately understand how to deliver results in a very diverse range of industry sectors.”

Snapdragon works through the entire lifecycle from campaign development, through conceptualision to planning and delivery Julia reveals. She goes on to develop this interesting point, in her own words and just how her team will cater for your every need.
“We have created events all over the world and are often engaged by multi-national companies to deliver a series of events in multiple locations. Our in-house team includes creative designers, event producers, sourcing specialists and set builders, who between them produce and manage corporate events and experiential campaigns that enhance brands.

“Snapdragon are experts in luxury event planning with years of experience with corporate events. Our team will cater for every detail of your brand experience, including: invitations, venue selection, catering, gift bags and any audio-visual production requirements that you may require. We can also manage the end to end guest experience around your event.”

Julia then explains that Snapdragon’s luxury children’s parties are amazing extravaganzas, a point which she is eager to share with us.

“As London’s premier event planners, clients book us for the very best, high end parties. We go out of our way to find the latest and best entertainers and to create unique parties that will not be copied.

“Each luxury children’s party is a bespoke event, which often involves set building as well as themed catering and entertainment. Our children’s party planners design your child’s event down to the last detail, keeping all the guests entertained all day with a high tempo spectacle. We also plan parallel activities for the adults so that they can also enjoy the party.

“Snapdragon’s luxury children’s party planners will re-imagine fashionable themes from your child’s favourite movie or book. Their creativity and skill at  finding never before seen touches will make your child’s party memorable for years to come. So, whether you would like an Alice in Wonderland party at home, a pirate party on a real ship or to recreate the Moulin Rouge in an iconic London space, challenge us to make magic happen.”

Destination wedding

Snapdragon are also highly experienced international event and destination wedding planners. They have crafted spectacular events around the world, sometimes in the most remote places, Julia reveals. Julia explains how the firm approaches this aspect of their work.

“Often, infrastructure must be imported from the UK or elsewhere, as local event resources are limited or not of a high quality. Snapdragon are adept at judging how to blend local and international suppliers so that the result is seamless.

“Our destination wedding and party planners understand the complex logistic challenges of delivering world class levels of service in remote locations from Morocco to Nigeria and tiny Greek Islands. We have been able to find and transform the most unlikely locations into stunning event venues. For many clients, the attraction of an international event is the ability to create something completely unique that will never be copied.

“As important as the event itself is the guest experience; this often takes as much effort to do well as delivering the event. Ensuring that a guest feels looked after for the whole time in your chosen location is key to the impression your event will leave them with.
“Apart from sourcing appropriate accommodation, Snapdragon have chartered large and small aircraft, operated a comprehensive ground transportation fleet and provided a multi-lingual concierge team capable of dealing with anything a guest may desire while at your event. Privacy is often a concern for our high-profile clients, and we routinely establish a comprehensive and discrete security curtain around an event, including deploying anti-drone solutions to ensure confidentiality.”

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is an important milestone and cause for celebration for the person, their family and friends. Where does Snapdragon step in when it comes to such a celebration? Julia concludes this upbeat interview by providing the answer to this question.

“Every Snapdragon event is tailored to you, so we ensure that your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party is unlike any your guests have been to before. Whatever the interests of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Snapdragon can create very elaborate themed Bat/Bar Mitzvah parties, with themes ranging from classic movies, to favourite musicians, apres ski to Star Wars or a Narnia fantasy.

“Clients select us because they want something different for their child’s bar or bat mitzvah. There are a few event planners who deliver many Bar Mitzvah/ Bat Mitzvah and are well known to the London Jewish community. If you want something a little different, or don’t want the usual formula applied to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, then please contact us. It’s the best way to ensure you get something genuinely different.”


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